We are not only committed to provide high quality online education, but making our way to get premium opportunities in the industry. We develop affiliations and mutual benefit programs to engage top employers with CFU .

These partners are connected throughout the year and updated with the records for the graduates at semester ends. Furthermore any vacancies arises in their organization, we are informed beforehand so that our graduates have the opportunity to apply for the suited designations. This creates an environment beneficial for all the parties involved in the process.

Our graduates are working at top executive positions globally which is a proof of CFU acceptance among the community of leaders and professionals.


Getting a taste of the market is very essential for all students because ultimately they must know how to apply their knowledge in their world. Costa Ford University have arranged for student internship programs with our partner employers who will take students for a tour in their organization for 6 months or more. These internship experiences are given great importance in the course of your study and you will even get some credits for these.


Costa Ford University has placement offices in all 6 continents and representatives in every region. Our partner employers can notify us if they have any vacancy or they need a number of students for a regional assignment. This is a good opportunity to get you involved with big corporate names.


When you become a partner employer with Costa Ford University , you not only get the access to graduates from our university, but will also be able to suggest your own employees to enroll in our courses. We will make sure that we make this relationship mutually beneficial for the students and our partner employers; up till now we have been really successful with it.

When students are referred by our partner employers they will be given special privileges like scholarship opportunities, financial support, Fees aid and grants because they entered in university through referral. These students will get the chance to earn accredited online degrees and perk up their CVs that would help them and their organization.

Contact our student counselors at 1-877-783-0339 to discuss your partner employer status.