At Costa Ford University, we work for the betterment of the education that leads us to complete accreditation of our institute from the global and regional authorities. Our online education is a step towards valuable contribution to the education for individuals looking to study with flexibility. The accreditation agency will act the support system for the acceptance of your earned online degree. CFU is recognized and highly ranked institutions in the online education industry.

Our International Accreditations

Costa Ford University has accreditations from multiple regional and global accrediting councils.
Our accreditations provide an assurance to students, educators and institutions that our university offers quality degree, diploma and certificate programs and all our offered programs follow international education standards.

Board for Educational Accreditation Middle East

International Accreditation Association for Online Schools is a self-governing and globally recognized accreditation body. It grants accreditation to traditional and non- traditional educational institutions after evaluating them on stringent set of standards. In the accreditation status, IAAOS also highlights an institution's strengths and weaknesses offering recommendations to improve in areas such as curriculum, organizational and classroom management.

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International Engineering Council for Accreditation & Certification

IECAC is an independent, international engineering council that has a mission of standardizing engineering education worldwide and promoting innovation in the field of engineering. IECAC is also assisting engineering students and professionals in finding better opportunities.

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Higher Education Commission for Gulf Region

HECGR is one of the most renowned independent accreditation council based in the gulf region that works for the betterment of educational standards in the gulf countries and with its global presence, it is achieving its mission of global standardization of higher education.

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European Association for Accrediting Educational Institutions

US Accreditation Body is an international, The EAAEI (European Association for Accrediting Educational Institutions) is one of the most renowned accreditation council based in Europe. Our council accredits quality educational institutions and their offered programs that meet our quality criteria. Our aim is to provide quality education to the students from not only Europe but from all around the world.

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